Selling Your Home

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Selling Outer Banks Real Estate

Selling your Outer Banks home is a big decision and I am here to help. Selling real estate is a lot less stressful when you are informed about what is going on in our local Outer Banks real estate market and know exactly what to expect during the time your Outer Banks home is listed for sale. 

I make selling your Outer Banks home pretty stress-free. I'm an experienced Outer Banks agent with excellent communication skills and I believe if you are hiring me to sell your home then I owe it to you to provide your home with dynamic, professional marketing worthy of your property.

Marketing Your Outer Banks Property

Today’s real estate agents are only as good as their marketing plan. The days of your friendly OBX real estate agent listing a home for sale, putting it into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), joyfully placing a sign in the front yard, then waiting for the property to sell are long gone!

In order to successfully sell real estate in today’s resort market, a real estate agent needs to have a dynamic marketing plan that covers online, offline and print marketing channels. Your home needs to be “packaged” to sell to other Outer Banks agents so they will show your home to their buyer clients just as much as it needs to be “showcased” to prospective buyers on-line, in print and on-site. The last thing we want is someone to get all the way to your home and then decide not to go in because the yard wasn’t maintained or to walk through your home and love everything about it except for that “weird” smell. When it comes to selling, the big issue is price but it’s the little issues that make the difference between you getting that price and a buyer choosing to give that price to competing home.

I don’t try to sell your home, I market your home to sell. Here’s how: 

Professionally Designed Marketing Worthy of Your Home

Expensive Outer Banks property merits professional, high quality marketing materials. How many times have you gotten a tiny black and white postcard letting you know about another home for sale in your Outer Banks community? Is that how you want your property advertised?

My 25 Point Marketing Plan showcases your home in the best possible way to Outer Banks buyer’s agents, other Outer Banks homeowners, Outer Banks vacationers and the general public through professionally created marketing materials both online and off. 

My Plan to Sell Your Outer Banks Property

1.)   Collect information from you about the best features of your home, recent upgrades, current utility costs, HOA fees, rental income etc. and use this information to showcase your home to potential buyers. 

2.)  Tour your home and suggest any items I think need attention to make your home appeal to as many qualified buyers as possible. 

3.)   If necessary, your home is cleaned, small repairs are made and home is staged by an interior decorator (small cost but large return) prior to being professionally photographed. 

4.)  I put you in touch with local appraisers to get a professional apprasial of your property prior to placing it on the market so that you know exactly how your home compares to recently sold homes in your neighborhood.

5.)   I hire a professional photographer to photograph all rooms, interior/exterior elements, amenities, unique features, Water views and accesses and then create an interactive floorplan tour so that potential buyers can walk-through your Outer Banks home from their own living rooms. Here is a link to one of my previous tours:

6.)  I create a MLS (Multiple Listing Service) record for your property, using professional photographs, your floorplan tour, and information collected from you and your rental company, highlighting the best features of your home to position it to sell. 

7.)  I syndicate your MLS listing record through ListHub which will feature your property on over 900 real estate search websites.

8.)  I place a professional-looking FOR SALE sign in your yard with a flyer box I refill every week with full color flyers featuring interior photos of your home and a link to the floorplan tour. (You would not believe how many homes sell from my flyers!) 

9.)  I present your property to the Beach Realty & Construction sales team at our weekly meeting.

10.)  I E-Mail every active real estate agent on the beach a flyer about your home with a link to the MLS sheet and an attachment of supporting documentation for the home such as upgrades, rental history and expenses.

11.)  I personally invite 50 agents who actively sell in your Outer Banks neighborhood to attend a Broker Open House featuring wine and cheese to encourage attendance.

12.) I feature your home in Beach Realty & Construction’s Homes & Land Magazine Advertising

13.) I create a YouTube tour of your home to feature on that channel and on my personal websites.

14.) I create a blog post on each of my websites which will generate a web page on each of those sites featuring your home.

15.) I feature your home on Craig’s List on a regular basis.

16.) I mail professionally designed full color postcards featuring your home to homeowners in your neighborhood. Buyers often are referred from current owners and current owners often buy a 2nd Outer Banks home.

17.) I feature your home in my E-Mail newsletter which I send out to over 1000 potential Outer Banks buyers each month.

18.) I walk through your home on a monthly basis making sure it is always showing as well as it should. I quickly correct any items that need correcting.

19.) I hold your home as an Open House to the general public at strategic times when the home is not rented and buyers may be in town – 3 day weekends are ideal!

20.) I track every buyer’s agent who shows your home and follow up with them to see what their buyers said about your home.

21.) I represent you in negotiations once an offer is received to make sure you are selling at the best possible terms for you.

22.) I represent you as you respond to due diligence requests and make sure you always have a clear understanding of your contractual obligations and options at all times.

23.) I work closely with your closing attorney to make sure your closing happens on time.

24.) I provide monthly E-mail reports on advertising, showings and market updates.

25.) I call you every other week until your home is sold unless you prefer E-mail communication only.